Which Body Shaper Is Best For You


For any wardrobe, the classic body shaper is an absolute must. Why is it loved so much? First of all, we need to recognise the importance of the structure of the body shaper. We are referring to its anchoring points on the crotch and shoulders. For all body shapers, anchoring is their best feature. It helps to prevent roll up and roll down, and keep the garment reliable and sturdy. This is what makes the shapewear’s specific form the most versatile and effective style around. So how do you select the best one for you?


Where would you prefer the compression be focused on your shapewear? Elle Courbee.


Although this area of shaping is sometimes forgotten, a natural and sleek line starts at your thigh. Therefore, a body shaper that provides compression from the thigh up to the shoulder anchor will provide you with the uninterrupted silhouette you are looking for.


One of the best things about body shapers is they are cut into panels. A garment that has firm waist compression is able to specifically focus on that area. This prevents any visible hemlines surrounding the body.


There are body shapers with an open bust shaping slip option, which allows you to select your bra as a push-up corset style. Bust compression is a variable factor and the key, in both garments. This flexibility allows the body shaper to work with various different occasions.


From the subtle to the dramatic, you want to select your shape so that it fits well with your mood. Which one is it?


Search for a waist-cinching bodysuit that creates an impressive hourglass line. However, the waist is not everything. For the hourglass shape to be completed, your hips need a smooth line and your breasts will need height. That is why a great body shape provides support over all of those areas to create the silhouette.


Smooth and elegant lines that are a bit more subtle do not attempt to change your body’s natural shape. Therefore a long-line medium or a light compression body shaper is suitable. A long leg body shape is ideal since it creates a silhouette that is most uninterrupted.


Some people prefer white or nude to minimise visibility. For evening wear you might prefer a darker colour like black or navy for a more confident feeling.


You either hate or love aesthetic detail. That is why there are different body shapers that are available in various styles that range from elaborate lacework to sleek modernism. If your shaper is going to be underneath a snug outfit, then you will want to minimise any details that might interrupt your silhouette.


Shaping slips are anchored from the shoulders, which focusses compression around the thighs, hips, and waist. That means that a casual or formal dress will hang smoothly and naturally.


Which everyday body shaper is the best? A basic underwired bodysuit that is firmly anchored and that supports you from the hip to the breast, and keep you practically and comfortably supported.

The best thing about these types of body shapers is that you don’t have to choose just one. We have different occasions and moods to dress for. Why not ensure that your collection of body shapers to cover you for both winter and summer, play and work, and bombshell to coquette!