What a Requirements to be a Close Protection

Being a Close Protection is at stake. When deciding to work as a personal bodyguard, let alone escorting troubled people, he must be prepared to take risks that will occur. Then what is close protection exactly ?

Requirements to be a bodyguard or Close Protection

To join a private security service there are no complicated requirements. What is most needed is usually courage and facilities.

Dare to be ready to take any risks that occur in the field. Sensitivity roughly means being able to read the situation and conditions around the client so as to be able to solve it if something happens.

For the rich it may not be too much of a problem to hire people for themselves from distress as well as to achieve a goal.

The duties assigned to the guards, apart from ensuring the safety of clients, were also asked to supervise those around them who were watching. More specifically, the Bodyguards only save to carry out requests from people who pay for services.

Fixed prices

Each possible bodyguard has its own models to build and improve their abilities. Determining security services, usually chosen from what the client requests and the level of risk.

The more client requests, usually the higher the fee. In addition, there are also considerations of the level of security and so on.

The salary for this security protection service is not calculated based on hours, but per event or until the client’s business is finished on that day.

The fee is clean. That is, for the affairs of food and other needs to be stored is the responsibility of the client.

That is why, he is determined to pursue a job in the security world.

Controlling celebrities

Top artists are one of the groups that often use private security services to ensure their safety.

As is often seen in court trials, some burly men, or sometimes women of special appearance, are always around the litigating artist.

In fact, in casual events, such as coffee in cafes, shopping malls, and even cycling, some artists are surrounded by personal guards to protect the event from harm.

high concentration to anticipate various possibilities that could injure celebrities who carried out until the event was over and re-entered the car that would move away from the location.

Guard attitude

When in storage, guards must always be in a high alert position. Must be sensitive and able to detect potentials that occur. It’s non-negotiable.

Bodyguards must be sensitive to mass and personal movements. Carrying bodyguards while at work must look cool.

the application of rigid attitude and cold looks has the aim of giving a psychological effect, especially to people who have bad intentions for clients.

As in the case of escorting celebrities in the midst of a mass of people, personal bodyguards should not appear gloomy because people will definitely underestimate them or make people who have bad intentions towards celebrities even more desperate to take action.

But putting on a grim and cold look, once again, there was no time left to carry out their duties. In everyday life, most bodyguards return to normal society.

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