Planning the Fit Out of a New Kitchen

Are you looking to start the new year with a new kitchen? Are you planning to hire kitchen designer, or are you planning to do it yourself? Maybe combining both options. The main concern when doing this is organising schedules. How long is fitting a kitchen going to take? This is an open question: there are a lot of factors that are going to determine how long it takes, from the complexity of the fittings to the size of the room.

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You need to prepare for a life without a kitchen. Your own preparation is going to affect the answer to how long the fit is going to take. If you plan for a refit in stages, then you can expect it to take more time compared to sealing off your kitchen and fully focusing on the refit. If you hire a contractor, they will help you with guidance, and even alternative kitchen facilities. Your garage, utility, or study can be used as a temporary kitchen.


When it comes to budgeting, don’t see it as a way of minimizing spend. No one wants to feel like they are paying more than needed for a given product or service. If something is going to last you for years, then it is worth the money. Good budgeting involves setting aside the right amount for the right things. If you are concerned about the costs, you can choose to save by repurposing the cabinet structures. This will make your savings so you can afford a marble worktop.


This doesn’t mean scheduling the project, but scheduling your home. It is important to schedule it wisely if you want to minimise the time the project is going to take. Consider things like school holidays and big family holidays. This is going to help because it minimises the stress levels during the project. Some prefer having longer periods of work that run alongside their daily activities. Some prefer a short project which is dovetailed and the family is removed from the house.


Will you need to change the structure of the existing kitchen? Kitchen extensions are going to involve structural changes, but there are times when you might realize that the layout of the existing kitchen is impractical. If you have a large space, you can add a kitchen island. This is a great option because it is going to revolutionise your kitchen space, and showing off the quartz or granite worktops. Keep in mind that more structural change means more time. The additional hours are going to be worth it if it means getting a kitchen that suits your lifestyle and habits.


When the early stages of planning, there are design ideas you are not going to make a compromise on. For kitchen projects, it usually is the choice of material. Maybe you have a granite or marble that you have in mind that you absolutely love. It is important to check whether these materials have an unusual lead time. Keep in mind that the stones are mined, which is why it is important to talk to your supplier so they can ship and cut on time. Talk with your supplier to make sure there are no delays. The last thing you want is a delay in your project.


It is very important to do your research when it comes to choosing suppliers. Look at the reputation of the contractors and suppliers instead of the price. It is great to get personal recommendations, but you need to go the extra mile and look at testimonials. Compare quotes from different contractors and suppliers. It is also important to communicate. Proper communication between you and the contractors and suppliers is important because it helps prevent misunderstandings that can lead to delays.

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