Personal Possessions That You Should Be Storing in a Fireproof Safe

How many of you have a fireproof safe in your home? Have you ever considered buying one? This is a question homeowners and renting tenants alike should ask themselves, because fires in homes are more frequent than you might imagine.

Home Fires Occurrence in the UK

Between 2015 and 2016 there were almost 40,000 fires in households across Great Britain alone. Northern Ireland recorded almost 900 fires in 2015. While it is true that our belongings are nothing when we compare them with our life and the lives of our beloved ones, we should still consider protecting our most important assets in the event of a fire breaking out in our dwelling.

Household Items to Protect From Fire Damage

These are only eight of the assets in our homes we should consider protecting from fire damage or from any other kind of destruction.

1) Passports

You can always replace your passport, but the procedure is costly and cumbersome. Furthermore, if the supporting documents were also destroyed by the fire, you’ll have to waste a lot of time to get them re-issued.

2) Birth And Marriage Certificates

There are life events that require you to produce these documents. If they get destroyed in a fire, you’ll have to re-issue them, and that can eat up a lot of time. This also applies to death certificates of your parents, spouse or other relative.

3) House Deeds

If you lose the documents that prove the ownership of your home, you may never be able to sell it. There are also various situations in which you need to prove that you own your house. Not having these documents may cause a lot of trouble.

4) Testament and Last Will

Your solicitor may also have these documents, so losing them won’t be a big issue. Nevertheless, this is a document you will want to store in your fireproof safe and perhaps review it from time to time to amend it if needed.

5) Insurance Policies and Investment Documents

Most of us have a lot of different insurance policies nowadays. We insure our homes, our vehicles, our holidays, and even our lives. We also have health insurance and income protection insurance. Keeping all of them in a fireproof home safe is a good idea.

6) External Data Storage Equipment

We live in a digital age and this means that we store important business and personal documents in electronic format, on data storage discs and devices. As they also need to be protected from destruction, you should keep them in your fireproof safe. If you don’t have one, this is yet another reason to consider buying it.

7) Family Heirlooms and Jewellery Items

Engagement rings, your mother’s wedding ring, your grandfather’s war medals, and anything else like this deserves a place in your fireproof home safe, according to Silver and Pewter Gifts. Such heirlooms that have both financial and sentimental value are irreplaceable should they get lost in a fire outbreak.

8) Wedding Photos and Other Family Memorabilia

Although you may already have your wedding photos stored in electronic format, you should consider protecting all paper photographs that date back from the time when digital cameras were not invented. Old photos of family members and photos from your own childhood also deserve to be protected from fire or from any other type of event that could damage them.

A fireproof home safe can help you get more organised when it comes to managing your personal documents and valuables. In addition, it would protect all your possessions from getting destroyed in the event of a house fire. Either way, it could prove to be exactly what you need to handle your document management and storage more efficiently.