How To Market Luxury Brands

More brands and businesses have been moving online for the past couple of years ad for good reason! With the influx of traffic to websites through lockdown, more businesses have seen the benefits and are wanting that piece of the pie. It’s understandable that some luxury brands don’t want to appeal to the masses online, but many other luxury brands are doing excellent if they do it correctly. In this article, we will go through how to market luxury brands in 2023.

Take advantage of visual social media networks

When you are looking to market luxury products, having images and photographs of the product and the lifestyle behind it is one of the best methods to create aspirational emotions that people strive to connect with such as driving a luxury car or wearing that designer item you have been saving for. For this reason, platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok are all great for showing visuals and is a powerful tools to raise brand awareness. A great example of this working well is the brand Chanel. On Pinterest, there are over 1,200 pins for their products online. This is even more impressive when you know that all of these pins are not from themselves but from their customers and fans. For example, if you sold vintage sapphire engagement rings, your customers are going to want to see them before they make the effort to visit the store or order online.

Create a user-friendly, stylish website

When it comes to luxury products, the websites are often very stylish. The issue is they don’t perform well, and they are definitely not user-friendly. An example of this includes the website Chanel website. The website is not user-friendly but it is beautiful. Instead, go for the other way around, and ensure customers can find what they are looking for once you have done this, you can then tailor the beautiful stylish design after it.

Use Facebook Ads to reach luxury shoppers

It is no secret that Facebook ads are one of the most beneficial forms of advertising online. Due to its high level of segmenting and targeting new audiences, it makes it easier for businesses to target new and unexplored markets. For example, if you are selling vintage jewellery, you may want to target older audiences such as middle-aged women who are married and have an interest in designer handbags. You could even target demographics such as the types of education they have or the types of jobs they have etc.

Prioritise SEO

Google is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to leverage customers and bring traffic to your website. It also helps potential customers find what they are looking for, learn about companies and also make purchases.

As we have said, most luxury brands have poorly made websites, so it isn’t surprising that they are not optimised for Google which makes it even more difficult for customers to find your products. By optimising your site with relevant keywords and you create great content, you will go a long way. For example, if you sold old jewellery, one keyword for your site would be “vintage jewellery”, if you provided a cheufor service in London, you would have “chauffeur in London” as a keyword.

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