Extruded Polyethylene Foam as a Packaging Solution

Regardless of the type of products your industry manufactures, extruded polyethylene foam remains an excellent solution for the packaging. In general, this type of protective foam made of synthetic material is available in different densities, thicknesses and widths. Anyway, is highly recommended to choose extruded foam with a closed cell structure which offers very good protection against scratches and bumps.

Extruded Polyethylene Foam: a Multipurpose Product

Whether you opt for a customized packaging or a standard form, the pads, the plates and the formats, compress well thanks to the air contained in the cells which are also real dampers. This type of synthetic foam is not really suitable for product presentations but is highly sought after by the manufacturing sector, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries. Extruded polyethylene foam is the most used to pack and protect very sensitive products. It is perfect to secure, stall and break falls, shocks and vibrations for all of your heavy and bulky products such as metallic and electronic components, computers, cash registers, hard drives.

The Advantages of Extruded Foam

The polyethylene packaging foam is completely waterproof. It offers a very good resistance to by-products such as hydrocarbons, grease, chemical solvents but also seawater. This kind of extruded foam made from polyethylene expanded granules with isobutane gas (without chlorofluorocarbons) guarantees impeccable rigidity. Polyethylene foams are transformed through various processes such as water jet, press, saw, and adhesive method. They can be used in the form of so-called “standard” products, such as plates, blocks, wedges and also formats for specific needs in terms of industrial packaging.

They are also the ideal protection against shocks and vibrations and 100% recyclable and non-toxic! Thus, you can use them to pack food and beverage. They also resist to mold and moisture. But to ensure that you purchase the right polyethylene foam packaging solution, it is essential to choose a reliable manufacturer. It is also better if this latter can make a tailor made extruded polyethylene foam for your industry. Reflecting your corporate image in the packaging is always a good idea.

How to Choose the Right Manufacturer?

When it comes to choose the extruded polyethylene foam manufacturer, the specialist must pay attention to your needs and requirements. From the designing to the release of the batches, he should stay at your disposal whenever you have questions. The manufacturer should ensure quality finished products. You must make sure that he can meet all of your expectations. His products must be resistant, flexible, recyclable and non-toxic. If you are very strict in all ecological matters like the cycle life of packaging, the recovery of waste, etc., your requirements will multiply and the manufacturer must be able to fulfill each of them.


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