Don’t Want to be Left Behind! These 7 Trend Colors of House Paint 2019

Confused choosing the right paint color for your home? Don’t worry. Just follow the 2019 house paint color trends that will make your home look modern and not out of date! Choosing the color of paint is not an easy matter. If you get the wrong choice, the house might look tacky and uncomfortable to live in. In addition, the color can also dictate the mood of a room and radiate the personality of the owner.

If you are hit by confusion in choosing the color of paint, there are several inspirations that can be tried. And for the painter, you can call the MALERKANONEN who is a reliable and professional painter. Let’s just watch the full review!

  1. Dark Green

Dark green is one of the colors that are close to the forest nuance that refreshes the eyes. The tone of this color presents a natural atmosphere and the calm impression needed to build a comfortable home. This color can be applied as an accent on the wall. If you want to use it as the main color, be sure to apply it in a large room with high light intensity.

  1. Hazelnut or Young Cream

This color is always excellent every year. Because the classic color of this one is able to present a warm atmosphere instantly in a room. Moreover, young beige is also very easy to integrate with existing furniture in the room. Because it can present a bright atmosphere, this color is perfect for use in the living room.

  1. Light Gray

If you really like monochrome colors, this one is an option not to be missed. Gray is a color that is perfect for homes that carry a minimalist style. To present a mysterious but still warm feeling, you can add purple undertones to this one color.

  1. Soft Clay

Not surprisingly, this one color is trending. The reason is, the uniqueness emitted by this color can make a narrow room feel more spacious. Therefore, soft clay is very suitable for a minimalist style room. Besides being able to provide a warm and relaxed atmosphere, this color is also suitable as an accent which can certainly enhance the interior design of the house.

  1. Blue Gray

Blue and ash are a blend of colors that are very loved this year. This is caused by the casual, warm, and soft nuances that are presented by a combination of both. If you want a fresh look in a room, just choose this one inspiration.

  1. Mustard

Every home needs a bright touch to bring an atmosphere that isn’t too quiet. Of the many color variants, mustard is one option that can bring a bright atmosphere in a minimalist home. So as not to overdo it, just apply this color to one part of the wall.

  1. Pastel

The next 2019 house paint color trends fall on pastel colors. This one color can present a calm atmosphere even though because the tone is neutral. Because of its flexible nature, you can apply pastel colors in various areas of the house, such as the kitchen, living room, or even bedroom. If your house carries vintage and minimalist style, this one color is created for both styles.

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