Avoid These 7 Things When Designing Small Bathrooms

Designing a small area of ​​the house requires much consideration to get the perfect outcome and a sense of comfort. Especially in designing a small bathroom which also need sanitation. You not only to consider the design of the bathroom as you wish but also must be able to ensure that the bathroom meets hygienic standards.

Unfortunately, there are still many who do not know the tricks to design a small bathroom to be beautiful and healthy. Do not forget to choose a floor that has a rough surface, because floors that have a smooth surface must be cleaned more often, otherwise, it will be slippery, and dangerous. If you are looking for the best bathroom tiles sale that has all types of floors, please visit the website https://www.ambertiles.com.au/.

The following are common mistakes in bathroom design:

Ignore the Importance of Outside Air and Light Sources

Many bathrooms in minimalist homes do not have a source of lighting and natural air from outside the room. This makes the bathroom feel more humid, dark, and certainly not healthy. You can implement an open roof or ventilation model made in the wall area. Make sure your bathroom still has good circulation and lighting sources to minimize the growth of germs.

Install Wallpaper or Wooden Ornaments As A Coating

Wallpaper can indeed make the room more beautiful. However, try not to install wallpaper in the bathroom area. The bathroom is the most humid area of ​​the house, and wallpaper is very easy to peel when in contact with a wet surface. In addition to wallpaper, also avoid the use of wood and natural stone materials that easily erode, especially when placed on the floor or wall.

Too Much Decoration

For some people, the bathroom is more than a place to channel sanitation needs. Therefore, many people decorating the bathroom with a variety of ornaments. Although it looks good, a small bathroom can look bad with many decorations. If you want to decorate a small bathroom, you can choose small indoor plants to create a cool feel.

Put The Light on the Sink Mirror

Lighting above a mirror can produce disturbing shadows. If you want to create extra optimal lighting, it is better to install lights on both sides of the mirror. Previously, make sure you align the lamp mounting points with your eyes.

Combining Wet and Dry Areas

Wet areas are places to carry out sanitation activities such as bathing, while dry areas are usually used for urinating and brushing teeth. There are still many bathrooms that combine these two areas. Instead, separate these two areas so that humidity in the bathroom can be minimized. You can use partitions to separate the two areas.

Use Closed Partitions For Wet and Dry Areas

Separating wet and dry areas is important but make sure you do not separate it with the wall. Transparent partitions look much more attractive and can make the room look relieved. You can choose a partition made of tempered glass that has a rough surface and is easy to clean.

Put the Toilet in Front of the Door

Not only is unsightly, the toilet placed directly in front of the bathroom door can also interfere with privacy. Instead, place the toilet on the left or right of the bathroom. Instead, you can put a sink that faces directly to the door.