Why Christmas is the Best Time to Start Your Business

The holidays are already around the corner, and this presents lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs and their businesses. Lots of buying and selling will be going down around this period. With Christmas being one of the widely celebrated holidays around the world for faithful and non-believers, one can explore a lot of new ventures and opportunities to earn extra income. Firstly, during Christmas you are sure to have increasing patronage for any product you have in the market. Lots of people are thinking about a business they can start up around this season to leverage the immense traffic in the market. There are several business ideas and strategies one can use around this season to fetch income. These ideas may sound regular but if you know the ins and out properly, making money wouldn’t be much of an issue. If you have a business idea and you’ve looking for a more convenient time to get started, the Christmas season offers one of the best times to get a business on board. Going on review sites could help you with ideas as you can read tips to celebrate these happy holidays and come out with exclusive ideas that would fetch money.

Advantages of Starting a Business during these Seasons

One of the challenges is finding the best time to get a business operational. This could be a huge problem since one has to put different indices into consideration before deciding whether or not it is economically feasible to start the business. The following are some advantages of starting a business around Christmas.


It no doubt it is said that timing is everything. While there are lots of consumers who leave their final shopping during Christmas until the last minute as people prefer the 11th-hour rush, according to some verified survey, 64% of consumers started their holiday shopping by Cyber Monday in 2018, what this means for businesses is there has been a lot of traffic around the eCommerce lane. So, starting a business around the period would mean you would be attracting consumers who are not just in the market to see goods but to buy them, so during Christmas, there are serious-minded buyers in the market with money to buy those products they are in search of. So, if you’re going to be successful in any business venture during the holidays, it’s advisable to start during October, so you can have your ads reaching your target audience on time so they are aware of your presence and products in the market.

Turning to Mobile Devices

Since 2018, there has been huge patronage around the mobile industry. For the first time, there have been more eCommerce orders coming from mobile devices than on desktops and computers. Before that time people normally used their desktops and laptops to place orders, but with the continued expansion and improvement in the tech sector, orders for goods can now be made online with the aid of mobile devices. If you’re going to start a business around the Christmas holiday, you can take advantage of these huge benefits to attract your target audience by using ads targeted towards their mobile phones. Since people can place orders using their mobile phones, the ease of placing an order and having it delivered to you becomes increasingly better. To be in a more strategic position you can read telecoms companies reviews to get raw data on the number of people and the traffic coming from mobile phones to understand how to get your target audience. You can also create a mobile-optimized marketing campaign by studying the traffic trends on mobile phones.

Appeal to Audience Psyche

The month before Christmas could be used to advertise your business as you can change or program your customers’ behavior towards the coming season to ensure you see more patronage. Programmatic targeting of big audiences by the different time zones and locations will bring consumers relevant content reflecting their interest and behavior. Most eCommerce shoppers according to reports have been judged to be women, so creating promotional campaigns targeted towards women is largely important. There are lots of strategies to use this season to appeal to your target audience, if it is a restaurant, making traditional foods of the locals a center piece in all your campaigns could attract a lot of customers.

Spread the Holiday Mood into the New Year

The holiday seasons are more than just buying and selling, eating and drinking, your business ought to have a culture that reflects progress and changing of mindset as one makes a move into the new year. So, if you intend to start a business around Christmas, then you would have to create campaigns that advocate for the same. Different outreaches work for different businesses and it would be grossly negligent to apply what methodologies worked for someone else’s business on your own. With Christmas, you can make a lot of difference for your business, as you can programmatically configure people’s mood, and this would create brand trust and integrity. This you might not get during the year. Reports have it that the holiday season brings a sharp increase in loyal customers, with more than 50% of those patronizing you coming back after the first purchase.

If you do intend to launch your business, it is advisable to start a month or two before a major holiday season like Christmas. So, from the points above it’s clear there’s a lot of traffic around this season, traffic means the money in the world of business.