Travelling On Business? 5 Great Reasons To Choose A Serviced Apartment

With a 4 night-stay saving you up to 40 percent of what you would have to pay at a similar 4-star hotel, luxury serviced apartments are a great way to reduce expenses.

And that’s just but a part of it; there are all sorts of reasons why serviced apartments are great for all kinds of people.
In London and other major cities in the UK, serviced apartments are fast becoming the go-to option for both business and leisure travellers. They are the ideal option for those looking for a place to actually live and not just sleep. So, what are the benefits of choosing a serviced apartment and what does a standard stay include?

Serviced Apartment, What Is It?

This is an accommodation option that features a weekly house cleaner service, at the very least, and a kitchen and can be booked on a nightly basis. As the length of the stay increases, the rates charged decrease. For a Camberley serviced apartment, the above definition covers the minimum specification; however, from it, there is a list of features that differentiate different variants all classified under the serviced apartment category.

Serviced Apartments, the Different Styles Available

1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments – sharers are best suited to choosing 2 and 3 bedroom options for cost savings per individual – and studios – open plan one bedroom in other words – are the main types of serviced apartments. In our case, one bathroom is allocated to each bedroom; meaning that a two bedroom apartment will have two bathrooms, with one en-suite. On top of meeting high guest expectations and standards, apartments also include dining facilities and a kitchen area.

You Don’t Have to Keep It Simple If You Are Self Catering

For starters, it means that you don’t have to dine in a hotel! Eating the full-fat hotel food on a tiny table is outdated. You can whip up a low cost, healthy dish in your fully equipped apartment kitchen. Furthermore, the spacious dining table ensures that you have enough room to spread out your paperwork and your laptop next to your meal.
Forget those lonely evenings spent dining in empty restaurants at hotels. You get to prepare what you want, the way you want it, and whenever you want to.

The Four Walls of a Hotel Room Have Nothing on a Serviced Apartment

To ensure that you can enjoy a chilled glass of wine when you get back from a busy day of sitting in meetings, forget those ridiculously priced mini-bars in hotels, and say hello to your very own full sized fridge where you can chill a whole bottle. It also gives you a budget-friendly way of entertaining guests/clients.

Live Like the Locals Do, No More Checking in and Out

A serviced apartment is your home away from home. With the long term living space availed to you, there is no need to live out of a suitcase anymore. It’s great to know that you can put away your professional life for the weekend and get back to it on Monday, especially considering the fact that a business transformation never happens overnight.

With more space and luxury than a four-night stay in a hotel, who knew that a seven day serviced apartment would actually be more affordable? At the end of the business week (Friday), you don’t need to queue to check in or out.

It’s your space, so you can leave everything thereover through the weekend.

Additional Space for Work, Relaxation and Fun

You no longer have to book meeting rooms in hotels at extortionate day rates and can host your team at the apartment, as it affords you all the project office space you need, round the clock. Use the separate dining area as a workstation late in the night, the venue for an impromptu workshop/meeting and/or project file room.

When you can afford to, then you can book the more expensive and impersonal hotel conference spaces.

To ensure that you are never bereft of ideas, you get a living space with loads of space.

For Long, Medium or Short UK Stays You Will Have A Single Point Of Contact

To secure accommodation for a large group, you will find having a single contact handling the task to be much easier. It helps keep things easy and straightforward.

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