Top 3 Floor Plan Benefits

The fact is that floor plans are really not necessary when selling a piece of property, but neither are pictures or descriptions. But, why do many listings still include floor plans? Well, floor plans are not only great at capturing the attention of potential buyers but also help make the buyer’s decision making the process easier. To put it simple terms, floor plans are equally important as high-quality pictures, and below are the top 3 benefits of using floor plans:

1. Floor Plans Help Potential Buyers to get a Clearer Visualization of a Property

Research by experts at Rightmove has indicated that more than two-thirds of buyers are more likely to enquire about a property if a floor plan is included in the listing. On the other hand, up to 1 in every 5 buyers may ignore a listing if it lacks a detailed floor plan. Floor plans help to show potential buyers various details of a property that may be difficult to describe using words and images, like storage space, windows and specific dimensions. They are also great at showcasing unique features of the property like decks and extensions. High-quality images of the property being sold are important in boosting its allure. Wide-angle shots are preferred by most buyers, but some buyers believe that pictures can be misleading and only actual floor plans can paint a true picture of the property. There are many instances where buyers end up being disappointed after attending a property viewing because the pictures they saw were misleading. With floor plans, this is less likely to happen as potential buyers get a realistic and accurate view of the entire property without even have to see it firsthand. Floor plans can also be employed by house hunters together with pictures to help visualize the layout and space of the property. Floor plans indicate how rooms are linked to each other as well as how open spaces flow within the property. This means that potential buyers will not be met by any shocking surprises when the eventually attending the property viewing or open house. Taking high-quality exterior and interior images of a property may prove difficult especially if a property is currently occupied. Agents and potential buyers may not be able to get an accurate view of the property when rooms are occupied. A clear floor plan can help to clearly show the size and design of each room without all the clutter. The research by Rightmove also indicates that buyers prefer floor plans that indicate the layout of rooms as well as how each room correlates to the rest of the property. However, what buyers really value in a floor plan is the measurements of each room. Floor plans that indicate window and door placements, as well as room dimensions, allow potential buyers to visualize how they will use the space and also picture where their furniture will go. Buyers can also use floor plans to brainstorm decor and renovation ideas that can improve the overall look and feel of the property. Once a buyer starts to imagine moving in and living in the property, buying the property is the only decision they are left to make.

2. Floor Plans Stay in The Mind Longer

Assisting potential buyers to see the potential of a property before and during viewing is easy; but what about when they go back home? Will they remember the property or will they start asking, “Which property was that again?” when you give them a follow-up call? It’s good to note that most potential buyers look at multiple properties in a day or a week, and remembering specific features of each property can be difficult especially when relying on pictures. Adding a floor plan to your listing can keep your property in buyers’ minds for longer periods of time. A properly drafted floor plan can help your property easier to remember and in turn, quicker to sell.

3. A Floor Plan Makes You Look More Authentic and Professional

If other competing listings have floor plans, why not include floor plans in yours? Floor plans will make your listings look more professional and authentic. This gives you an edge over your competitors. For high-quality apartments in reading please see House of Fisher!

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