The Education System at Brighton College Trains Children’s Independence

Choosing a school for children always requires proper consideration. During this time, parents tend to put their children in conventional schools. There is nothing wrong indeed, but teaching and learning methods that use more action or active learning do not seem to have been widely applied in schools in general.

Brighton College can be an alternative way to provide education for your children. Parents don’t need to worry because the curriculum used still refers to IGCSEs. Then why does it have to be at Brighton College?

Brighton College develops an education system to foster children’s natural intelligence. All learning materials are aligned with the English curriculum, which leads to IGCSEs. So, don’t be surprised if Brighton College is only of the International School Bangkok.

Get to know the Concept of School at Brighton College

It is undeniable, the education system in most conventional schools makes children learn with full compulsion. They are always burdened with rote memorization which is not quite right for the golden age period. But at Brighton College, children can learn according to their interests. The learning atmosphere is also very comfortable so the children are free to explore and answer all their curiosity.

Training the Children’s Leadership

Brighton College is also the right place to establish leadership skills for children. Also, many learning methods support children’s independence. One of them is by training children to the process of learning practices in nature. They are educated to be able to finance themselves so they directly learn to live independently. Every learning activity is carried out to spur children to develop their potential and talents. Through outbound, they are trained to always have the initiative in dividing the respective tasks and roles of each group.

Teaching Discipline and Responsibility

The education system at Brighton College also teaches discipline and responsibility in ways that are different from conventional schools. Children are accustomed to queuing in line when going to wash their hands. They are responsible for eating food portions which are determined solely by the child. The independence of children from childhood was accustomed to lunch sessions. They eat themselves without having to be treated. After finishing, they must return their cutlery or dirty dishes without the help of the teacher.

Cultivate Courage and Confidence

Children’s courage and confidence are also trained through the development of their soft skills. Children are not accustomed to depending on others so it provokes creativity and fosters their independence in doing anything. The use of nature as a learning medium has also taught children to care more about their environment.