Mutt Motorcycles Exposed the Black and Grungy Fat Sabbath 125

MONGREL Mutt motorcycle 125 is said to be full of attractive colors. This eye-catching concept has been applied since the 1970s. Not only that, the look of the vehicle is more charming thanks to the use of some chrome ornaments.

In the tank section, the British motorcycle manufacturer designed it with a round Boogie Night model. This cross-section of the fuel is the differentiator of two Super 4 variants. The choice is blue or gold micro-flakes.

When viewed from the looks, MONGREL 125 seems to be destined specifically for rough terrain. Tires with a width of 4.00 and 18 “make it agile on rocky or dirt roads. In addition, they also planted a fender at the bottom of the engine.

The motor is equipped with a 125 cc one-cylinder engine that is injected with fuel, plus a five-speed manual transmission. Iron horse from the country of Queen Elizabeth is believed to be able to produce 12 hp power and 10 Nm of torque. The maximum speed is said to reach 112 km/hour.

Most of the components attached to this vehicle are handmade. Mutt Motorcycles create their own mixes to make it look different and exclusive. This British motorcycle manufacturer sells Super starting from £ 2,950. How are you interested to have it?

It had brightened a busy day when they announced a new arrival through a broadcast that said Mutt ‘Fat Sabbath: Black as night and hard as Sabbath’ was not an April Fool’s joke.

As the name suggests, MONGREL 125 has a heavy metal vibration. It also looks and sounds bigger than 125cc. Once again accompanying the dark aesthetic trend, his appearance did not disappoint at all.

MONGREL 125 has TCK80 Twin-Duro latex, neat pipes, short fenders, black embroidered diamond chairs and almost the same grip on the Renthal bar and headlights that are protected by a net.

“Fat Sabbath is an evolution of our Sabbath model. The first Sabbath is actually a limited edition model strengthened by our popular Mutt Mongrel. Then we got a request for the ‘black’ version, in the spirit of Spinal Tap, we asked ‘how much darker can it be like this – there is nothing darker and the blackest Sabbath was born, “said chief mechanic Mutt Benny Thomas.

“We strengthen Blackest even more with wider rims, Twin-Duro Continental screens, micro LEDs, handmade fenders, handmade diamond embroidered chairs and several other features. It is 125 of the most attractive”.

It fits Euro4 and has a 12L fire tank and makes requests for 70mph.

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