Make the Perfect Curriculum Vitae

Have you spotted your dream job and want to give yourself the best chance of getting a job interview with the recruiter? As you may already know, the CV allows you to create a first contact with the headhunter and show the most important and flattering professional information about yourself. You must differentiate your resume to its form or content to put all the chances on your side. Here is how to elaborate a perfect CV.

The CV Presentation is Important

The more pleasant the presentation of your resume is, the more the recruiter wants to read it. Even if you have the best skills or experience, if your CV is too ordinary, there is a good chance that the recruiter will miss your profile. For example, a Curriculum Vitae which is not airy enough or which is on several pages is not considered as pleasant to read. But the design also matters. It is highly recommended to use a specialized web site like where you can choose from several CV templates. Plus, it allows you to create your CV freely.

Reflect your Personality through your CV Presentation

Before starting to read your resume, the recruiter can have a first idea of ​​who you are, just by observing its form. Be careful with the image you want to reflect because some mistakes can make recruiters flee. For instance, a poorly organized CV offers a picture of a messy person. Just as a multi-page CV reveals a lack of conciseness. Conversely, if you work in a creative field, a colorful CV that contains visuals such as graphics to present your skills implies that you have a communicative and creative personality. Try to make an attractive one-page airy CV. For that purpose, just highlight your best skills and professional experiences.

The Perfect CV: Work on the Content

Title, catchphrase, essential sections, respect of the chronology, etc., the perfect resume must be complete and inform the recruiter as faithfully as possible about your compatibility with the targeted job. After reading, they should no longer have big questions about your career path. Although, you still have to raise their curiosity.

Include your Soft Skills for a Perfect CV

New predilection of recruiters, soft skills are your behavioral competencies. It can be managerial capacity, creativity, good interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, sense of service, etc. Added to your technical skills, those elements allow you to complete your candidate profile. Thus, the recruiter will know if you will get along with the other members of the team, if you correspond to the values ​​defended by the company, if you are autonomous and eager to evolve within the company, etc.

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