Is Waist Training Really Effective?

It is important to provide an explanation of how waist trainers work to effectively address this issue. Unlike the restrictive, steel-boned corset of yesteryear, today’s waist trainer is made of supple latex and is basically a wide elasticated belt. Designed to give the wearer amazing curves, the waist trainer is touted as both a fashion and weight loss phenomenon.

Corset training has been around since Victorian times, but waist training is relatively new. Its popularity can be attributed to A-list celebrities, and more specifically, the Kardashians. While there is definitive evidence that body shape can be permanently altered using steel-boned corsets, are the new waist trainers really effective?

Here are some key facts that you should know about before you invest your money and time into this new fashion and fitness phenomenon:

Flawed Theory Behind the Claims

Waist trainer manufacturers advise users to wear waist trainers for 8 hours a day, particularly when working out. The theory is that it creates thermogenesis in the body, which melts the fat away and eliminates impurities and toxins from the body through sweating. However, no scientific data has been provided that supports such claims. The success stories you see on the Internet can probably be attributed to the adoption of stomach-flattening diets or eating smaller meals since the waist trainer can be incredibly uncomfortable to eat large meals in. The combination of this and water loss through perspiration creates an illusion of permanent weight loss.

Weight Redistribution

Compression of any type will make you appear smaller, which means that if you wear a waist trainer, your waist will look smaller. However, if you don’t fit it properly, a waist trainer can displace the fat elsewhere leading to unsightly bumps and lumps where you previously did not have any problems. In a similar way to choosing swimwear by Coco Bay, you must ensure that you choose the right waist trainer for your shape and size. To increase your chances of success, ensure that you are measured properly and that you order the right shape and size for you. If you are after

Health Complications

If you were to wear your waist trainer for longer than the recommended 8 hours, you will at best be uncomfortable, but at worst you might find yourself suffering from serious health issues. Not only could the irritation and sweat lead to skin infections, but if it is too tight you might find yourself being lightheaded, which can be a major concern if you plan to exercise. Waist training can also displace the position of the internal organs, which can lead to indigestion and heartburn as well as more complicated issues such as liver and kidney issues. Waist training is especially dangerous for young girls since their developing bodies can suffer serious damage due to constriction.

May Affect Mental Health

The effect of waist trainers on mental health is a particular area of concern. Everyone loves to lose weight and fit into skinny jeans. However, growing evidence suggests that the waist training phenomenon feeds into a deeper psychological problem and can be quite damaging to mental health. While you are wearing the waist trainer, your waist appears slimmer, but it is also a reminder that you are not the ideal shape and the constant comparison may magnify and perpetuate any unhappiness that you may feel about your body shape.

Temporary Benefits

Given the flawed science, it is clearly evident that wearing a waist trainer only cannot reshape the body. The fact that it is made of industrial grade latex means that it can cinch the waist size by up to 4 inches, which provides powerful aesthetic benefits. However, such benefits are short-lived and the inches will eventually come back after you take it off.

The pointers provided here should help you determine whether waist training is for you. You can undoubtedly shrink your waist if you undertake waist training the right way in combination with a healthy diet. However, you can probably achieve similar results without the restrictions of the waist trainer.

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