How to Make Your Meetings More Effective

The meeting agenda should be run fast and produce something useful. You need to know how to make meetings more effective.

Not infrequently meetings do take more time than had been scheduled. Many factors make the agenda of the meeting be delayed, ineffective and even useless.

To prevent this from happening to your team and company, learn how to make meetings more effective:

1. Do a Meeting Outside the Office

Formally meeting in the office is indeed a good and right thing, but if you want to experience the difference, held a meeting outside can be a choice.

As an alternative, try to do a small group meeting in Meeting rooms danang, Mercure French Village with a conducive atmosphere to refresh the minds of all meeting members.

2. Schedule a Meeting Agenda from the Beginning

Create and inform about the agenda and meeting schedule. This method will make everyone involved know what to do and what to prepare.

3. Determine the Meeting Leader

Usually, there will be “appointments” to determine who will lead the meeting since employees usually avoid to be chosen as a leader.

You as an employer (for example) must choose one person to lead the meeting. Select the people you think are capable of leading accordance with the agenda or the one who is respected by other employees.

4. Prohibit Use of Gadgets During a Meeting

Email, chat and social media notifications or phone calls will interrupt your focus when meeting. If possible, ban the use of gadgets during the meeting so there will be interruption.

5. Don’t Invite Too Many People

Too many people who attend a meeting can make a meeting ineffective. There will be a lot of thought that is time-consuming and not necessarily. The new idea will only create a new problem.

Only invite those that contribute the most important in the project that will be discussed.

6. Set the Meeting Duration

To avoid having meeting members who always come late, inform the duration of the meeting that will take place including the start and finish time.

7. Convey the Update Meeting Via Email

In addition to requiring a lot of time, holding meetings can make all participants feel exhausted. Therefore, if there is an update of information after the meeting, better to distribute it via e-mail as soon as possible.

8. Shorter Meeting Duration

A meeting scheduled for a short duration will make everyone more focused because they feel “pressed for time”. Avoid conversations that are not essential. Make sure the meeting can be finished in a short time. Studies show that meetings should not take more than an hour to remain effective.

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