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Make Your Home Energy Efficient If You Want to Sell It for More

Summer and spring are the best times to sell your home in the United Kingdom. This is what statistics show: you can sell your home at a higher price in those seasons.

With that said, everyone wants to cut their carbon footprint. It has changed the way people spend money on many things. This includes food, cars and so on.

And now, home buyers are doing the same. If you want to tip the balance into your favour, then there are a lot of stuff you can do. This includes double-glazed windows, solar panels and things of that nature.

Government research supports this. In fact, it’s suggested that upping the EPC, short for energy performance certificate, of your home to a Band B from a Band D can add thousands to your home’s value. The value can increase by £16,000 or more.

What is an EPC?

An EPC ranks …

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Trends in Recruitment Industry That Will Become More Prominent in 2019

In 2018, we saw several recruiting techniques introduced, adopted and implemented and we highly predict that these new tactics will heavily shape the hiring process this year. Here are 7 trends in the recruiting industry that will continue in 2019.

The Recruitment Process Will Go Mobile

In early 2018, Google announced that they were shifting to mobile first indexing. SEO was never a priority of most recruiters in the past, but this is an update that is certainly worth noting. Google makes changes for two primary reasons. The first is to adjust to searcher’s habits and the second is to improver user-experience.

Well, nowadays more and more people own smartphones and tablets and this has encouraged those who are looking for jobs to do so on mobile devices. However, this does not necessarily mean that the entire industry is following this trend. Mobile platforms have been around for years, but …

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