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The World’s Largest Data Centres

As of 2018, there are more than 4 billion individuals who are connected to the internet, and the need for processing and storing data, as well as the need for energy suppliers such as the UPS Battery Shop, has grown at an exponential rate. As a result, over the last decade, data centres have grown to become the size of small cities. The following are some of the world’s largest data centres.

1. China Telecom Data Centre, China

Situated inside Inner Mongolia Information Park, the world’s biggest data centre is the China Telecom Data Centre. It spans a total of 10.7 mn square feet and the World Data Centre reports that it contains staff living quarter, offices, warehouses, call centres, and a cloud computing data centre. It is the world’s most expensive data centre as well, with the facility reportedly having cost more than $3bn to build. There are…

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How To Increase Your Home’s Value Before Marketing

From minor improvements to large extensions, here are some recommendations on how you can increase your chances of selling in an unstable market.

Target Market

We recommend that you start by researching the target market. There is no point in doing a lot of work on your property if it is not going to add any value to the selling price. A bit of online research will help you figure out the type of buyers interested in your type of property like a young family or a retiree. Figuring this part out will give you a clearer idea of what changes and improvements you should make to attract potential buyers.


Is your home’s exterior presentable? Remember, first impressions make lasting impressions. So, it is essential to ensure that the front of your home or property is attractive and easy on the eye with gutters cleared, windows cleaned, and …

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