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90 % of Home Buyers Would Consider Purchasing a Fixer-Upper

New research from Rightmove has discovered that more than 90% of home buyers would consider purchasing a property that is in need of renovation. In order to help people who are ready to get their next project started, we spoke to a property expert who has decades of experience within the housing industry and asked him to share his best tips on how to create the ideal renovation house.

1. Come up with a Sensible Budget

Martin Tucker has 25 years’ experience running his own architectural consultancy firm. He says that his number one tip is to take the total price of what you think your renovation is going to cost and then work backward from that point. Don’t add things in as you are going along. He adds that, on average, a renovation or extension will cost £1,850 per square metre and it is £1,000 per square metre for…

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