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4 Reasons You Need to Be Using Dash Cams

If your HGV does not have a dash cam, it is good to consider buying it as it offers many benefits. In fact, installing a dash cam can keep you safe on the road and benefit your career future. Dash cams have been able to capture footage from accidents, mostly in incidents involving lorries, vans or other commercial vehicles.

At times, they show whether or not a person driving a certain vehicle was a safe driver. Dash cam footage has also been able to keep innocent HGV drivers’ names clear as they can show whether or not a driver was at fault for a certain accident.

In fact, Cobra UK, a security solutions provider, has asked the government to legislate front-facing cameras in commercial vehicles, as this is a good way to protect against ‘crash for cash’ scams. Even though the government has not heeded this call, there are many …

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