4 Reasons You Need to Be Using Dash Cams

If your HGV does not have a dash cam, it is good to consider buying it as it offers many benefits. In fact, installing a dash cam can keep you safe on the road and benefit your career future. Dash cams have been able to capture footage from accidents, mostly in incidents involving lorries, vans or other commercial vehicles.

At times, they show whether or not a person driving a certain vehicle was a safe driver. Dash cam footage has also been able to keep innocent HGV drivers’ names clear as they can show whether or not a driver was at fault for a certain accident.

In fact, Cobra UK, a security solutions provider, has asked the government to legislate front-facing cameras in commercial vehicles, as this is a good way to protect against ‘crash for cash’ scams. Even though the government has not heeded this call, there are many benefits of installing a dash cam in your HGV. Some of these benefits include:

Protection Against ‘Crash For Cash’ Scams

Over the last 5 years, ‘crash for cash’ insurance scams have increased. Because of the nature of these scams, it is almost, if not entirely impossible, for drivers to protect themselves against these scams. The only way to protect yourself against these scams is by installing a dash cam.

A ‘crash for cash’ scam is when a scammer pulls in front of a vehicle often on a fast-moving road with the aim of intentionally causing an accident such as slamming on the brakes for no good reason or slowing their car down to a stop without triggering the brake lights.

This makes the victim crash into them from behind. Sadly, it is easy for insurance companies to find the victim responsible for the crash. A driver with a dash cam can prove that he or she was not at fault as the dash cam can prove that the scammer deliberately caused the accident. This is, nowadays, encouraged in CPC theory questions as cases are getting frequent and complicated.

Can Help Provide Valuable Evidence in Case of a Collision

Apart from protecting against ‘crash for cash’ scams, the valuable evidence provided by dash cams can help a driver when it comes to determining liability with his or her insurance company. Most of these cases rely on eye-witness testimony alone. The problem with eye-witness testimony is that it is spotty and usually misses important details.

Dash cams, on the other hand, provide factual and impartial evidence that can help establish liability in case of a crash since they bear witness to an incident. This can help a driver establish liability, hence helping a driver avoid being found at fault for accidents he or she did not cause.

Lowers Insurance Premiums

Insuring one HGV or a fleet of HGVs can be very expensive. It can even be more expensive if you have been the victim of ‘crash for cash’ scams in the past or if you have not had your license for long. Insurance companies have come to realise how dash cams can make their jobs easier by helping them close cases quickly and avoiding relying too much on blurry eye-witness testimony.

In fact, insurance companies have liked dash cams so much that most of the brokers have started offering discounts for companies or drivers who install dash cams. Therefore, apart from helping a driver protect himself or herself, a dash cam can also help a driver save money as it lowers insurance premiums.

Can Help Create a Record of Driver Behaviour

This can benefit those who run a fleet of HGVs as it can help monitor the behaviour of drivers. As a fleet manager, you can be able to know the behaviour of your drivers and know where to improve on. This can work well with your existing telemetric data and help you make sure that all your drivers are driving responsibly and representing your company at its best, hence helping your company grow as you spot mistakes and correct them.

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